Celebrate National BBQ week with these food and wine matches

There’s nothing us Brits like better than a BBQ and, with National BBQ Week celebrating its 25th anniversary this month, we’re checking our wine shelves are stocked. 

The campaign will run for a week from Monday 5th July and encourages the nation to ‘go barmy for a barbi’ and get grilling come rain or shine. 

From refreshing whites to enjoy in the sunshine to big reds bold enough to stand up to charred steak, we’ve got everything you need to pair with your BBQ this summer. 

So whether you’re heating up the coals or turning up the gas, take a look at our pairing suggestions for some classic BBQ recipes. 

Red wines perfect to drink at your next BBQ

Juicy burgers  

When you’re grilling beef on the BBQ (real or imitation) you’re going to need a hearty red that’s smooth and easy to drink but that packs enough of a punch to take on the big flavours of the food. That’s where our big reds come in.  

This selection of wines includes Spain’s concentrated Garnacha fruit in El Bombero and and old-vine Tempranillo Syrah in The Silver Route. And you can’t go wrong with The Full Fifteen, created in Australia, the only other nation we’d fear in a BBQ contest. 

Char-grilled fish  

Delicate fish calls for a wine that’s equally as elegant, so we’re recommending a light Provence rosé. With flavours of subtle apricot and berry fruits and aromas of crisp sliced apple and citrus, Whispering Angel is our first choice, described by Jancis Robinson MW calls “the golden boy of rosé”. It’s the perfect accompaniment to any al fresco meal.

Earthy mushrooms  

Pinot Noir is arguably the best wine to pair with mushrooms. The wines, especially those with a bit of age, can carry aromas which may remind you of a forest floor and this is a great match to earthy fungi. But even the younger, ripe red-fruited Pinot Noir will balance the umami mushroom flavour. Try Domaine Albert Bichot Santenay Rouge 2015.  

Piri-piri chicken  

It would be easy to reach for something light and elegant when it comes to pairing wine with chicken, but given the extra flavour spice and grilling adds we’re recommending a white with a bit more body. This luxurious, rich Pinot Gris from Alsace’s Peter Weber has aromas of creamy, ripe apricot fruit balanced out by an elegant, minerally bite and a hint of spice. Trust us, you won’t regret it. 

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